Method of lifting a piece of archaeological plaster.

Post by Ahmed.

The piece is a square-shaped plate made ​​of plaster and painted with several colors and broken into several parts.

Examining the painted plaster.

The burial environment of the piece is a moist environment.

The piece needs a special method of lifting because it’s broken.

Discussing how to lift the plaster.

The important thing in this piece is that it is easy to remove or damage the paint.

Transfer: we try as much as possible to not do any damage to the piece.

Carefully cleaning the surface.

Materials used to raise the piece: aluminum foil, a piece of carton, bandage, fiber, adhesive tape.

The Lifting: surround the piece with aluminum paper, then we put the cardboard under the piece and then we put the bandage around it.


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The Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage is a place where people from around the world come to learn and teach about how to care for the heritage of Iraq.
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