Organic Pigment Test

Post by Rezhna

Combining liquid with the pigment.

Stirring the solution.

One of the tests that I did in laboratory.  First we need to measure out Acetone, Ethanol, Water, and Organic pigment. For each Acetone, Ethanol, Water we took 5 ml. We weighed 15 gm each of organic pigments.  The colors were green, brown, dark red.  Then we start adding organic pigment to the liquid. We add brown color to the water. Dark red we add to Acetone and we add green color to Ethanol.  We wait for awhile.  The results: the pigment dissolved only in water and changed color to red. Pigment didn’t dissolved with Ethanol or with Acetone.  In Acetone the color changed to a light color.  In Ethanol the color changed to dark.


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