Erbil Civilization Museum

Erbil Civilization Museum

Erbil Civilization Museum

Post by Rhezna

The Erbil Civilization Museum was built in 1989 next to the archaeological site Qaling Agha hill. The museum consists of three halls, each hall contains artifacts of various ages. It is worth mentioning that the archaeological tools were arranged in chronological order.  The oldest artifacts are from 5000 B.C to show us civilization in Kurdistan andIraq.

Hall 1 – the artifacts in the exhibit belong to the Stone Age, Halaf, Arido, Ubed, Warka, Sumarian.

Hall 2 – these artifacts are Urartian, Hadhar, Assyrian, Khuriakan, Luriakan

Hall – 3 relates to Islamic archaeological civilizations, most of them are from the Abbasid Age 750-1258 A.D.


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The Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage is a place where people from around the world come to learn and teach about how to care for the heritage of Iraq.
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